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Whips & Pops w/ Nick & Lydia!


We will be taking these difficult skills and breaking down all the technical nuances that make them work!

SESSION ONE: 11:00-2:00 PM (3 hrs) - ICARIAN & POPS!

This session will focus on Icarian pops and other dynamic L-Base pops. We will break down the fundamentals of big L-base pops and give you the technique needed to continue to train towards advanced pops. Material will be customized to student's individual skill level and can be tailored to accommodate those just starting their Icarian practice to those who have many dynamic pops already under their belt. Depending on ability, skills such as: pops to and from reverse star, Icarian to and from chair, hands free Icarian pops, pops to extended foot to hand, and pops through hand to hand will be explored. Already have pops down? We'll teach you tempo pops, pop flows, and highly advanced Icarian.

  • Pre-requisites: Plank to throne and Throne to Plank pops with hands, Reverse Star, and extended L-base Foot-to-hand. All of these skills should be able to be done without a spotter.
  • Cost: $40 per person

SESSION TWO: 4:00-7:00 PM (3 hrs) - WHIPS!

This session will teach you the techniques of whips that are essential for mastering all levels of whips. Nick and Lydia have spent hundreds of hours breaking down whips and coming up with many unique ques and progressions to help you master these difficult skills! Depending on ability, whips with hands, whips without hands, whip flows and sequences, whips connected to advanced poses such as needle, and whips connected to pops will be explored. Already have whips mastered? What about whip pops?! We've got you covered wherever you are.

  • Pre-requisites: Whips are hard! You should come highly confident in a plethora of beginner washing machines before attempting these highly dynamic and dangerous skills. Spot free machines such as Catherine's Wheel, Monkey Frog, Ninja Stars, and Butterfly Knife should be mastered before attempting these whips. 
  • Cost: $40 per person

For more information about the peak skills being offered, prerequisites, or any other questions, please message Nick Johsnon, Lydia Fogo. For questions regarding payment and/or sign-up, please contact Inversions!

INSTRUCTOR BIOS: Nick and Lydia are certified Acro Revolution teachers who love playing with fun ways to make whips, pops, hand to hands, and whip/pops more challenging for themselves and more accessible to their students. They especially love connecting dynamic acro moves to make unique, difficult, and playful flows to challenge any skill level. They're passionate about technique and breaking down advanced acrobatics into attainable and understandable small steps. With seven years of acrobatic experience between them and 5 years of teaching experience, they'll make sure you have fun and try skills that push your acrobatic practice. Check out their Instagram pages for examples of the skills they love at: @acrozeal and @lyfogoacro. 

Whips & Pops Workshop
Earlier Event: May 18
Standing Acrobatics Weekend+
Later Event: October 7
October Aerial Festivities!

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