Youth Program


Hand-eye (and overall) Coordination, Strength, Body and Spatial awareness, Proprioception, Agility, Mobility, Mind-muscle Mapping, Exposure to Different Learning Styles, Confidence, Encourages Individual and Artistic Movement, Offers an Outlet, Challenges, Accomplishments, Creativity, Communication, Endurance, Perseverance, Determination, Self-discipline, Athleticism, Concentration, Ambidexterity, Balance, Trust in Self and Others, Responsibility, Throwing and Catching Skills, and Opportunities to learn something new and make friends!
Blended Accolade Classes

These classes are comprised of a curriculum consisting of mixed accolades including but not limited to aerial arts (trapeze, sling/hammock, silk, etc.), acrobatic arts (tumbling, hand balancing, partner acro, etc.), object manipulation (juggling, hooping, flagging, etc.), and other circus activities modified to suit particular age groups.

Specific Accolade Classes

These classes allow students to hone in on one distinct accolade at a time. Participants will have the opportunity to train and develop specific skills with the goal of mastery in each discipline through a catered curriculum.

Music Mover Classes

These classes integrate the use of Music Garten, children’s Yoga techniques, and kids circus activities. Students will stimulate brain function and foster an appreciation of music through the utilization of sound props, art supplies, voices and bodies. These classes focus on fun, support health and strengthen bodies all while laying a strong foundation for future circus classes.


WINTER SESSION | YP 5 2023 10/16/23 - 12/22/23

Recurring Classes

Tots Circus

PreK - K | 45 Minutes

Littles Circus

1st - 3rd Grade | 60 Minutes

Middles Circus

4th - 6th Grade | 60 Minutes

Teens Circus

7th - 17yrs | 60 Minutes


What do I wear to kids class?

Students are most comfortable in full length fitted athletic yoga pants/leggings that are not too slick. We suggest layers that you can put on and take off as needed since Studio A is not climate controlled. We cannot allow anyone on the aerial apparatuses with exposed armpits, exposed knees, exposed waists, zippers, rivets, velcro, and/or any buttons on clothing.

What do I bring to kids class?

  • Water
  • Hair Tie
  • Additional layers for exposed skin
  • Teen Classes will be responsible for a circus notebook

Can I observe a class before I am registerd?

We do not allow observation of active classes due to liability and privacy. Click here to checkout a video of our circus shenanigans! 

Can I try a class before I am registered?

One drop-in (at cost) is available if you are brand new to Inversions Circus Center. Introductory Workshops forgo this option.

How do sessions work?

Sessions are typically held in a 8-10 week format.  Rates are determined by the number of weeks in a session.

What does my tuition cover?

Each session includes one class per week. Multiple classes per week are available with additional tuition. 

How can I contact the Youth Program Staff?

Please email us at We are also available via text at (423) 521-5870.


Caroline Zeto | Youth Program Director
Chamar Drane | Youth Program Instructor